Lac is a carmine dye like Cochineal, and gives similar colors. But instead of using the insects themselves, this Lac is actually the sweet exudates of the insect. It is gathered by spreading cloths on the ground under infested trees, during the season of “red rain”. It is considered a very romantic time, because the natural smell of the Lac is very pheromonal, promoting vibrant health and libido.

Indian Lac is not an extract but a finely ground natural dye and extracts 100% into water from a single boil! It has a very robust odor and creates deep vibrant reds.

Chinese Lac is an extract and is close to 100% water soluble with a mild odor.

This is the finest grade of Lac that we have ever seen or tested. There are no detectable hydrocarbon contaminates or residues of any kind. Presumed to be wild crafted; obtained through an Art Natural Dyer in China, a personal friend and student of Cheryl’s. (Important because there are many counterfeits and some are also reported to be contaminated.) Available as a direct import from the Artist Development Project, a Greater than Fair Trade effort of “Mama D.O.C.” Inc, non-profit for natural health. Tested and Certified by TYRIA, the International Guild of Professional Natural Dyers. Sold exclusively through Cheryl Kolander’s Aurora Silk.