Sticklac is first crushed and sieved to remove sand and dust. It is then washed in large vats again and again and at the same time rubbing the lac against the sides of the Vat to break open the insect bodies and dissolving the colouring matter in water.

The lac thus cleaned is spread on large, clean, open air floor to dry. After drying, it is winnowed and sieved to get the commercial variety of Seedlac. Seedlac is mostly used for conversion into Bleached Shellac and different types of Shellac.

Quality Guaranteed

Derived from Lac during Bleaching process as a by product.

Grades of Seedlac :
Genuine Bysakhi
Fine Bysakhi
Manbhum Fine Bysakhi
Kusumi Seedlac
Golden Bysakhi
Golden Kusmi